Microneedling Your Way to Beautiful Skin

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Microneedling Your Way to Beautiful Skin
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Microneedling Your Way to Beautiful Skin

You’ve probably heard of microneedling thanks to celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian and Bar Refaeli, who have made this facial widely known. In additional to celebrity status, it has also been proven to provide lasting results to keep your skin looking young and vibrant. 

If you’re considering trying one of the best and least invasive anti-aging and acne scar-minimizing treatments on the market, here are the most important things to know before booking an appointment: 

What is the microneedling facial? 

The microneedling facial is a collagen induction therapy that uses tiny needles to create hundreds of invisible punctures, called microchannels, in the top layer of the skin. This process improves your skin’s overall appearance by stimulating collagen production, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles, fills in acne scars, decreases the appearance of pores, and evens out discoloration and melasma. Microneedling becomes highly effective when topical serums such as hyaluronic acid or tissue-stimulating growth factors are applied and gently injected into the skin via the microneedling-induced microchannels.

The facial is administered by our doctors who use the SkinPen, which creates the microchannels that allow for deeper penetration than traditional treatments and is especially effective for acne scars and deep wrinkles around the forehead, mouth, and eyes. 

What level of microneedling do I need?  

Spark Health offers three different levels of microneedling facials, each designed to meet individual patient needs.  

Level 1 – Microneeding with hyaluronic acid: This level of microneedling includes the use of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is typically used on younger patients to minimize acne scars or refresh the skin. In fact, roughly half of the hyaluronic acid in your body can be found in your skin, acting like a sponge to lock in water and keep your tissues hydrated. 

This level of added hydration keeps skin smooth, plump, and fresh, reducing wrinkles, redness, and dermatitis. 

Plus, the benefits don’t stop here. Research shows that hyaluronic acid has also been effective in stimulating new collagen production following a microneedling facial. 

Level 2 – Microneedling using your body’s healing and tissuestimulating cells: This level of microneedling requires a blood sample taken from the patient’s arm that is spun in a centrifuge to separate out a clear serum composed of your body’s healing cells. These cells, which are applied topically during the facial, contain healing properties and growth factors to produce collagen and elastin, which result in healthier, younger-looking skin. 

Level 3 – Microneedling with healing cells and added growth factors: Our top level for the Spark Health microneedling facial includes all the benefits of the Level 2 facial plus an added growth factor serum and one of our Sparkle & Glow™ IVs

With the addition of growth factors and the IV, patients will experience enhanced results. Growth factor serums have been found to decrease recovery time by reducing inflammation and revving up collagen production. And our Sparkle & Glow™ IV packs a powerful punch as well, delivering high levels of vitamin C and other essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream to promote glowing skin through the removal of toxins and increased collagen production. This natural procedure is a great supplementary treatment that increases the skin’s vitality, energy, and integrity. 

What can I expect during treatment? 

A relaxing treatment! Many of our patients even fall asleep during the procedure. If you are starting at Level 2, the first step is to draw a small vial of blood from your arm to extract the healing cells.  

While this is being prepared, a numbing cream will be applied to the treatment area. After approximately 20 minutes, our naturopathic doctor will use the SkinPen to begin the facial and apply the healing cells topically to allow for maximum absorption into the dermis through the microchannels created by the microneedles. 

How long will it take to recover?

Immediately after the treatment, you will notice your skin has a red appearance, similar to a mild sunburn. However, this is to be expected and will fade after 2-3 days. The total healing time depends on the patient’s skin condition and overall there is little to no downtime needed to fully recover.  

When will I see results?

Within a week, you will notice a healthy glow and improvements in skin texture and tone. And within 4-6 weeks, you will see the formation of new collagen. The first changes patients typically see are a decrease in the appearance of pores and improvement in overall skin tone and texture. In addition, it is normal to continue to experience results for months following treatment as collagen production steadily continues. 

How many treatments will I need?

Most patients need a series of 3-6 treatments, spaced 4-6 weeks apart. For extensive or advanced signs of aging, 6-8 sessions may be needed. However, to maintain that youthful glow, our naturopathic doctors recommend coming in for a session every 6-12 months, 

What are some advantages of microneedling?

A microneedling facial can improve many different skin conditions. The most common benefits include: 

  • Enhancing natural collagen production 
  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Improving skin tone and texture 
  • Decreasing the appearance of pores 
  • Filling in acne scars 
  • Evening out skin discoloration and melasma 
  • Helping patients avoid synthetic fillers 

What types of microneedling does Spark Health offer?

At Spark Health, our microneedling facial is available in three levels to meet your unique skin care needs. Each level was designed to address and treat specific skin conditions, such as discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture, acne scarring, melasma, and more. Our most comprehensive option pairs microneedling with IV nutrient therapy to restore skin for a whole-body approach focused on renewing and strengthening the skin you’re in. 

If are looking to take your anti-aging skin care treatments to the next level, look no further than Spark Health! Located in Solana Beach in San Diego County, CA, Spark Health integrative health and wellness center takes a proactive approach to your healthcare, that uses multidisciplinary action to get to the root cause of your chronic skin issues.?Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our team! 

Article written by Dr. Christina Bradshaw, ND 

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