Natural Approaches to Anxiety Treatment without Side Effects

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is typically characterized as a feeling of nervousness, dread, or fear. It is often accompanied by "butterflies" in the stomach, racing heartbeat, upset stomach, dizziness/lightheadedness, shortness of breath, obsessive thoughts, and insomnia.

It's important to realize some anxiety or fear is normal and adaptive as it serves to protect us from danger. However, when anxiety does not subside, becomes generalized to neutral situations, or interferes with one's daily activities it could signal that an anxiety disorder has developed.

Mental health treatments, including anxiety treatment, are very important and recognized as medical conditions requiring treatment just like a broken leg. If you're experiencing anxiety is important to talk to your naturopathic doctor who can help you feel yourself again.

Causes, Signs & Symptoms

Anxiety disorders tend to have both genetic and environmental factors. The risk for anxiety is increased by the following factors:

  • Having relatives with mood disorders: when anxiety or other mood disorders are present in family members, there may be a stronger genetic influence predisposing one to develop anxiety.
  • Traumatic events: events from childhood or even as an adult, whether it's an accident or emotional trauma, can lead to anxiety.
  • Medical conditions: Cushing disease, diabetes, thyroid disease, cancer and pituitary disease can cause anxiety.

How is Anxiety Diagnosed?

Because anxiety can be the result of medical and emotional responses to external stimuli, a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) will likely conduct several tests to diagnose anxiety. Your ND will take a medical history and perform functional lab testing on a blood sample to diagnose any medical causes for anxiety. Your ND will work with you to determine the nature of your anxiety and how long you've been experiencing symptoms to determine the best course of treatment.

What is the Treatment for Anxiety?

There are a variety of natural treatments for anxiety that are free of the side effects associated with psychotropic medications. At Spark Health, we specialize in functional medicine in the San Diego area. We offer patients an alternative, holistic approach to treating mental illness. With a simple blood draw, we can test for dozens of nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and potential underlying conditions. We can also check brain chemistry, known as neurotransmitter testing. With this information, we devise a customized treatment plan including nutritional counseling, dietary supplements, and prescriptions.

At Spark Health Clinic, we regularly treat various types of anxiety disorders including:

  • Treatment for generalized anxiety disorder
  • Social anxiety treatments
  • Treatment for anxiety attacks (panic attacks)
  • Sleep anxiety
  • Sports anxiety

Why Choose Spark Health?

Your providers at Spark Health wellness clinic work as a team to approach your health challenges from every angle. We understand that health and wellness have many physiological and mental-emotional components, and we offer individualized holistic treatment plans to reach your health and wellness goals. Spark Health was founded in 2013 in Solana Beach, California, to provide patients in Southern California with personalized natural medicine and wellness options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anxiety and other mood disorders usually develop after a traumatic event or are the result of a combination of genetic and environmental factors that predisposes one to develop anxiety.

Yes, anxiety disorder and related disorders like phobias, social anxiety, generalized anxiety and panic disorder are real, defined, and treatable forms of mental illness.

The best treatment for anxiety depends on the type and severity of anxiety. Naturopathic approaches aim to treat anxiety naturally without psychotropic medications, when possible, by treating the mind and body as a whole.

Anxiety disorder can be treated effectively or can resolve on its own or after treatment and lifestyle changes.

Generalized anxiety disorder is a mood disorder characterized by chronic anxiety directed toward common everyday events and situations rather than a specific stimulus or reason.

Risk factors and triggers for anxiety disorders include chronic stress, medical conditions/medications, traumatic events, certain personality types, genetic predisposition, and major life changes.

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