Balance Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Blood Sugar

with Natural Treatments for Cardiovascular and Mtabolic Health

What is Cardiometabolic Disease?

Cardiometabolic disease refers to high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar. While these three conditions are often seen together, they can also present individually.

The combination of these three conditions is often referred to as Metabolic Syndrome, and is related to increased risk of diabetes, stroke and heart disease.

Causes, Signs & Symptoms

While high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar can all have familial and genetic components, lifestyle also plays a large role. Lack of regular exercise, a diet high in simple carbohydrates/sugars and low in dietary fiber, regular alcohol use and high stress can be contributing factors.


How is Cardiometabolic Disease Diagnosed?

The first step to diagnosis is running appropriate labs, including blood glucose, insulin, and a complete lipid panel to assess all types of cholesterol. Home blood pressure readings can be helpful, as well. Your doctor may also recommend a short period of using a continuous glucose monitor to track blood sugar patterns throughout the day and related to meals.

How is Cardiometabolic Disease Treated?

High blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar are all completely modifiable and respond really well to lifestyle changes, dietary modifications and natural supplements. Your Spark doctor will work with you to determine how to best formulate a treatment plan that addresses the specific needs of your lab results and will work for you in the long term. Treating cardiometabolic conditions is not a quick fix, and requires lifestyle and nutrition changes that are sustainable and enjoyable.

Why Choose Spark Health?

Spark Health was founded to provide personalized natural medicine to patients who are looking for a long term, lasting solution to their health and wellness challenges. We work as a team to understand your health goals, formulate a unique, individualized treatment plan for our patients in San Diego and Southern California.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cardiometabolic risk factors include high fasting triglycerides; low 'good' HDL cholesterol; and elevated blood pressure. These three factors together are often referred to as metabolic syndrome.

Cardiometabolic risk factors are a group of conditions that often occur together and are a major cause of heart and vascular disease.

  • Diabetes, pre-diabetes, or insulin resistance
  • High cholesterol and/or high triglyceride levels
  • High blood pressure
  • Excess body weight

Improving Cardiometabolic Health with Diet, Physical Activity, and Breaking Up Sitting.

Since high cholesterol has no symptoms, the only way to tell is through a blood test looking at your lipid levels.

High blood pressure can damage your arteries by making them less elastic, which decreases the flow of blood and oxygen to your heart and leads to heart disease.

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