Naturopathic Support for a Healthy Thyroid

What is Hyperthyroidism?

The thyroid is a small gland in the front of the neck that is shaped like a butterfly. Hyperthyroidism, or an overactive thyroid gland, happens when the thyroid gland produces too much thyroid hormone. The thyroid gland makes T4, which is converted to T3. When T4 and T3 levels are high, multiple systems can become upregulated.

Causes, Signs & Symptoms

Hyperthyroidism can be caused by thyroid nodules or inflammation of the thyroid gland, and some medications. Graves' disease, an autoimmune disorder that causes hyperfunctioning of the thyroid and increase in thyroid hormones, is a common cause of hyperthyroidism.

Signs and symptoms of hyperthyroidism include:
  • Weight and muscle loss
  • Increased appetite
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Anxiety and irritability
  • Fatigued, but with difficulty sleeping
  • Frequent bowel movements
  • Tremors or muscle weakness
  • Higher body temperature or heat sensitivity

Graves' disease has many of the symptoms above, and can also cause:

Bulging eyes (Graves' ophthalmopathy)

Thick, red skin usually on the shins or tops of the feet (Graves' dermopathy)

How is Hyperthyroidism Diagnosed?

The first step to a correct diagnosis is to thoroughly discuss your symptoms with your naturopathic doctor. Your doctor will run extensive testing to look at thyroid function and antibody activity, as well as other lab tests to look at hormone levels, adrenal function, iron, and more.

How is Hyperthyroidism Treated?

Your naturopathic doctor will utilize your lab results to develop a personalized treatment plan including natural supplements, medication, nutrition counseling and lifestyle modifications. Unlike many doctors, we closely monitor your symptom changes and thyroid levels to ensure that your treatment plan is working as designed and that you are on the path to balanced thyroid levels and activity.

Why Choose Spark Health?

Your providers at Spark Health work as a team to understand your health goals and restore your health from the inside out. We know that every patient has unique health challenges and offer individualized treatment plans for optimal thyroid function, including acupuncture, IV therapy and nutrition and lifestyle techniques. Spark Health was founded in 2013 in Solana Beach, California, to provide patients in San Diego and Southern California with personalized natural medicine and wellness options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Treatment is dependent on thyroid levels and symptoms. Both natural supplements and prescription medications may be used to optimize thyroid function.

With proper nutrition, supplements and medication, hyperthyroidism can be very well controlled. Depending on the individual situation, there are times when interventions may not be needed and thyroid function can be closely monitored.

Weight loss, increased appetite, fast heart rate, anxiety, frequent bowel movements and high body temperature are all common symptoms of hyperthyroidism.

An overactive thyroid can cause rapid heart beat, which can lead to an irregular heartbeat if not treated. Excess thyroid hormone can also cause bone loss and issues with bone density.

Symptoms of Graves' disease are similar to hyperthyroid symptoms, and can also include bulging eyes and areas on the feet and legs of thick, red skin.

Graves' disease, like hyperthyroidism can have cardiovascular and musculoskeletal complications if not treated.

Medications and supplements to modulate autoimmune and antibody activity are the basis for treatment. Evaluation of heart function and bone density are also important, and necessary to follow with observation.

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