Dr. Haroun Arefi

Dr. Haroun Arefi, DC

Physical Medicine & Chiropractic

Dr. Haroun's physical medicine and chiropractic practice is anchored in finding out your "why." He helps you get out of pain, optimize your movement and stability so that you can do the things you love and that give you purpose. He looks at you as more than the body part that is hurting. He provides care through a holistic lens and works with you to address all contributing factors. He treats the work-from-home population, the elderly, adolescents, athletes, weekend warriors, avid gym goers, and everything in between. Leading the Spark Health Physical Medicine team, working closely with all the other Spark providers, Dr. Haroun will evaluate and explain what type of care is needed for your ailments whether it is chiropractic care, movement/exercise, muscle release therapy, or any combination of the three.

Dr. Haroun was raised in San Diego, became a Doctor of Chiropractic in the Pacific Northwest, then lived in NYC for a few years before resettling back home. He played basketball internationally for several years and still enjoys the game now. In his free time, he likes to work out, travel the world, and sip on an espresso-based beverage with a pastry in hand.

Techniques: Diversified adjusting to the spine and extremities, drop table, myofascial release, corrective exercise, IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization), breathwork correction, dynamic cupping, muscle energy technique.

Additional Languages: Dari/Farsi, Some Spanish