What to Expect

The Spark Health experience is unlike anything else. Here's the path you take

1. Participate in the Intake Process

First impressions matter. They form the foundation for a successful relationship built on respect and trust. Take the first step in your healing journey by helping our Care Team get to know all about you by completing comprehensive patient intake forms.


2. Schedule Your Initial Appointment

During this individualized assessment, your Primary Care Doctor takes the time to get to know you from the inside out. By understanding your health history, lifestyle, genetics, and symptoms, we uncover what makes you unique. This evaluation may also include consultations with other specialists at no extra charge.

3. Undergo Comprehensive Testing

Based on your first visit, our team orders specific diagnostic tests to identify the root cause of your condition. Your results should arrive within about two weeks.


4. Solidify Your Treatment Plan

Your Primary Care Doctor reviews the test results with you and recommends a personalized treatment plan that serves as a healthcare roadmap. This whole-body approach addresses your primary medical concerns and also sets the course for your long-term health.

5. Commit to Your Customized Plan

Now it's time to take action. The Care Coordinator is your point person, answering questions and offering support and encouragement as you take steps toward a healthier lifestyle by following your treatment plan.


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