Why it Works

Our patients find relief from illness and create positive change in their lives with an effective approach that delivers results because:

  • Patients get more one-on-one time with Spark doctors than they would at traditional practices.
  • Our team members are fully engaged with each patient during their visit, listening carefully to their concerns so they can deliver an optimized treatment plan.
  • The Care Team remains with each patient throughout their healing journey. We're invested in our patients and get to know each one personally.
  • We always strive to find the root cause of an illness, instead of just managing symptoms.
  • Treatment is personalized to each patient's own health goals.
  • Our strategic, methodical plans incorporate evidence-based diagnoses and therapies.
  • Providers collaborate on an integrative course of treatment across multiple specialties to find the best outcome.
  • We offer a wide array of potential treatment options, which work synergistically to achieve your health goals.

Patients also benefit from a comprehensive selection of services, which can include:

  • Diet and exercise modifications
  • Sleep and stress management
  • Nutraceutical and herbal supplements
  • Compounded hormone prescriptions
  • Conventional prescriptions
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