How it Works

It starts with an all-encompassing intake process to understand your health goals. From there, you’ll partner with your primary care doctor and collaborate with our team of specialists. It ends with reconstructing and restoring your health from the inside out.

1. Participate in the intake process

Introductions matter. They form the foundation for a successful relationship. Take the first step in your healthcare journey by helping our clinical team get to know you and assess your health history by completing comprehensive patient intake forms.

2. Schedule your integrative assessment

Once you complete your intake forms, it’s time to schedule your personalized assessment.

You will meet with your primary care doctor who will take time to get to know you from the inside out. By understanding your health history, lifestyle, genetics, and symptoms, we can uncover what makes you uniquely you.

For the second half of this appointment, our musculoskeletal team will meet with you to address any movement limitations that may be affecting your quality of life.

3. Perform blood draws and lab work

After your initial assessment, we will determine what testing is needed. Once these tests are administered and sent out for analysis, results will arrive within two weeks.

4. Discuss results and determine a care plan

When the results of your evaluations come back, you will meet with your primary care provider to discuss the findings. At this point, your doctor will recommend a personalized care plan that incorporates a whole-body approach to build a strong foundation for long-term health.


5. Commit to your personalized plan

Now it’s time to put your plan into action. Your care coordinator will review recommendations with you to create a roadmap for a healthier lifestyle. As your partner in wellness, we’ll be your support system as you continue to transform your health and feel better one step at a time.


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What our patients are saying

Star Rating

Fantastic way to better your health. Dr Cicerone will explain all your lab info and what it means, gives great recommendations both for supplements and natural ways to boost health based on your specific needs. Staff onsite is great too. Highly recommend!

– Jaclyn Najjar

Star Rating

The doctor recommended we do a Food Sensitivity Test and that test was extremely eye-opening! I have been following my custom health plan they created for me and it has changed my life. Over the last few months I have dropped 15 LBS and my allergies have significantly diminished.

– Ryan Coyne

Star Rating

I rely on Spark as my primary health care providers. They have helped me to achieve optimal health after recovering from gut dysbiosis. The doctors provide attentive and highly personalized care in a way that blends the best of Western diagnostic tools with more holistic treatment methods.

– Megan Trezza

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