Naturopathic Methods to Manage Daily Stress

What is Stress Management?

In today's world, many of us struggle to keep up with the daily demands of work, taking care of family members, balancing schedules, managing never-ending to-do lists, and more. Over time, daily stressors such as finances, family and work obligations, deadlines and schedules, and societal expectations can start to take an emotional toll.

Stress and anxiety are often discussed together because the symptoms are very similar. However, stress is typically brought on by an external factor, like a work deadline, where anxiety is a persistent worry and nervousness that is present with or without a specific stressor.

Many of us have healthy and constructive strategies for managing stress and anxiety, but sometimes we need a little extra help. A naturopathic stress management program can provide key strategies for managing stress and anxiety.

Causes, Signs & Symptoms

The body's response to stress is designed to let you know when you might be in danger and to prepare you for action – the fight or flight response. Symptoms of stress and anxiety can present in many ways. You may be familiar with these common symptoms:

  • Muscle tension, especially in the neck, shoulders, or back
  • Increased heart rate
  • Faster breathing
  • Rising blood pressure
  • Anger and irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Difficulty relaxing
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Forgetfulness
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Exhaustion

How is Stress Management Diagnosed?

Stress and anxiety are diagnosed by listening to our patients' concerns and symptoms. Your naturopathic doctor at Spark Health will also take a complete medical history and perform functional lab testing to rule out any underlying medical issues that can cause symptoms associated with stress and anxiety, like hyperthyroidism or elevated catecholamine levels.

How is Stress Treated?

At Spark Health, we specialize in an alternative, holistic approach to treating stress and anxiety. Stress affects many of our bodily functions at the same time. In addition, many of us tend to turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms (over/under eating, exercising less, drinking more alcohol). We provide a diverse array of supportive therapies to help you manage stress in a healthy way.

With a simple blood draw, we can test for nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and potential underlying conditions. We can also check brain chemistry, known as neurotransmitter testing. With this information, we will devise a customized treatment plan including nutritional counseling, targeted supplements, IV nutrient therapy, and prescriptions if necessary.

Why Choose Spark Health?

Your providers at Spark Health work as a team to approach your health challenges from every angle. We understand that health and wellness have many physiological, mental and emotional components, and we offer individualized holistic treatment plans to reach your health and wellness goals. Spark Health was founded in 2013 in Solana Beach, California, to provide patients in Southern California with personalized natural medicine and wellness options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Naturopathic treatments that provide nutritional support and promote relaxation/sleep, along with behavioral methods like meditation/mindfulness are healthy ways to reduce stress.

Our team of healthcare providers helps patients to deal with stress by easing the effects of stress on the mind and body and by providing healthy coping mechanisms (diet, exercise, sleep etc.).

Managing stress and anxiety with medication may be needed for severe cases in the short term. Most cases can be managed with targeted supplements, lifestyle changes, and naturopathic treatments to support your mind and body.

Exercise is a very effective method to manage anxiety and stress. It is one of the healthiest stress management tools and has additional positive effects on overall health.

The effects of stress management therapy are noticeable almost immediately. Naturopathic treatments can provide relatively quick results for mood, energy, and sleep, and many patients notice positive changes within a few weeks.

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